Olivia Kilbee Psychotherapy


Are you finding things difficult and struggling to cope with life? Do you feel stuck in a rut? Are you constantly anxious and stressed? Are your relationships suffering?

Therapy allows you to express your thoughts and feelings freely in a confidential space. Together we will explore the issues that have caused you to seek help as well as looking at any other issues that arise.

Many clients come with an internal critical voice that tells them they are not good enough in many different ways.  An increased awareness of this critical voice can allow you to change how you speak to yourself; so you become kinder to yourself and build self-esteem.

Talking and thinking about your thoughts and feelings increases your self-awareness and allows you to reflect on how they affect your relationships. Increased awareness leads to an ability to make new and different choices and to make positive changes.

Please contact me to arrange an initial session where we can talk through your difficulties and decide if therapy would be helpful.